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Old 04-04-2008, 05:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Feweh View Post
That's a serious let down.

But to respond to your opinion. "Besides, you`ll always know what your opponent is up to - takes away from fun factor."

True but untrue... when im playing with a friend it's for fun. Even if he sees what im doing it's still going to be fun and we wouldnt exactly use that factor against eachother.

I wouldn't say it's a major let down at all, i've never seen or heard of an rts with a feature like that, and I'd find it completely unessersary, would ruin the whole point of strategy as you'd just be able to see if they were building up a major attack against you, or what units their building.
And if you want something like that most RTS have a full map visiibility thing you can either turn on, when selecting the settings for a map, or God forbid it as a cheat. And this is a much more practical way of oding it and stills eeing what your friend is doing, as well as without all the added techinical issues. I don't know whther that's included in DOF but thats a much better and more practical way of doing what you want.

Originally Posted by Feweh View Post
we wouldnt exactly use that factor against eachother
Then em what would you use it for? With the splitscreen there it would be almost impossible to not notice what your friend/opponent was doing and the fun factor effects of it would wear of pretty quickly, trust me. You'd soon be wishing you had a full screen to see more of the map where you are. Plus im sure everyone would use it against each other to see what they were doing and to combat what their doing. I know I would even if it was a friend.
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