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Old 04-02-2008, 09:29 AM
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True i have seen many game rush and they fail becouse of that. And true the trailer wasnt super but becouse it show that they are making unique rts with lots of tactical things on it. It got me hooked. I first thought it was april days joke untill after video i looked more in to it. Only becouse the guy in video sounded so.. Mm.. like in poor movie trailer

And in tactic games game balance is realy important, no one like games where only 1 faction or race can dominate. But there can be total balance only if game has 1 race/faction, but its booring. We can come realy close balance with many race/factions but its not allways easy if we want them to be realy diffirent from each other. But i just hope they finish this game with great balance and that it makes to the gamers hearts.
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