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Old 04-02-2008, 08:56 AM
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Default DoF - Splitscreen

Well, I used the search button and nothing came up. I look at the website and trailer and did'nt see any mention of non-online splitscreen?

Now, if you can make this game online why can't you make it splitscreen so you can play with a buddy offline?

Xbox360:I bought my Xbox360 so i can relax on the sofa to play with a close friend of mine, we enjoy multiplayer games but sadly i don't have Live. So the only type of games i ever buy are multiplayer games that that are offline.

See's that the xbox is abandoning the whole offline play and focusing on multiplayer. Why can't you set it up so i can skirmish with a friend of mine offline. Nothing is as more fun as playing with a close buddy of mine and destroying is huge castle.

PC: PC is the easiest thing for online play, i'm sure most of you will buy DoF online but i myself don't have a power computer which is why i'm going to purchase it for Xbox. There is no possibilities for splitscreen here sadly.

Anyways, the point being. If you can make DoF have a awesome online play why can you not make it splitscreen to play against a friend with?

Once again sorry if this has been talked about or they're is a splitscreen thing going on that i missed.

So what are your thoughts etc?

I feel that if i can skirmish against a computer why can i not play against a friend of mine?
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