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Originally Posted by Griegor Mcvennor View Post
Well that certainly helps and is appreciated but it's not quite what I was looking for. What about the non home city territory? Other castles that you may own or control other than your home city? Can I actually build a recognizable kingdom that other people will see or are we all simply staring at the same map where the kingdom "battlefields" are nothing more than a glorified match matching service?

Henry by the tone of your post it seems you feel I have insulted Reverie in some fashion. I wasn't implying that Reverie is a company that gives BS answers on anything. Asking for a no BS response is simply a saying. As in, what is the concrete rock hard truth of the particular subject that is being inquired about. I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way.

Furthermore, some of us don't have time to search through pages and pages of threads for several hours to find the specific answer I am looking for. Asking me to do so is especially rediculous since the answer should be in the FAQ on the main page as PVP interaction is one of the main content portions in this MMORTS experience. Not having it on the FAQ means either the FAQ is out of date, or that specific feature hasn't been totally fleshed out. If you want to save yourself the aggrevation put it in the FAQ.
I know what you are asking, and Im curious about this as well. We all know that we cannot take over other players main cities, but I thought Ive read in some threads that we can build outposts outside of our main cities. If this is the case, can those be attacked and defeated or can they be taken over? Technically DoF is still under the NDA from closed beta, so I dont know how much information they want to provide that they haven't already (which might explain why they cant tell us this and they only hint at it).