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Originally Posted by Griegor Mcvennor View Post
It's unfortunate that the video seemed purposely ambiguous. It seems to say that you have to expand your territory by fighting other players. Yet I have seen other people on the forums absolutely convinced that you only lose resources and not territory in warefare.

So what is the real answer? Is there a home city that can't be lost and you expand into losable territory? How does the whole system work?

Perhaps we could get a directly no BS response or FAQ update with how the PVP works? That will make or break this game for a lot of people I would assume.
Well I've been on the forums for well over year and Reverie is one of the few companies that doesn't give BS answers. The answer you are looking for has been answered and can be found in the forums. If you read a little farther back you might actually find the answer that has been answered more times then it should have been for people that don't like reading and searching anything that has been posted beyond a few hours. But I will answer it again.

You will get a Homecity that you "CANNOT" loose to other players. If you loose to another player that is besieging your Homecity (PVP), you will "NOT" loose it. You will loose some resources and your HC will revert 2 days back I believe(I don't remember off hand ).There is also Field combat that you can start with another player (more PVP). You start this on the world map with another player.

Now this is all I can remember off hand. So I hope that helps and is a direct answer to your question.
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