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Old 04-02-2008, 03:16 AM
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I have to agree Jean Luc, there is a great deal of intellectual laziness. I could name a few factors that I feel are genuinely destroying the gaming industry as I know it... Too few times do you actually see a company really taking the chance and striking out for a decent property that really puts your mind to some good use.

I remember a recent interview with Cliffy B (Gears of War Lead Designer) who stated, rather cynically, that gamers don't wish to learn the equivalent of German before they actually start playing the game.

This truly does seem to be the age of consolization. People just want a quick fix between WoW sessions (which I personally feel is a hellish, abject tedium farted out of the crack of Hades himself!) which means a shallow, though possibly fun experience that doesn't have the depth to grip you like some of the classics.

As for the trailer, I'd like to think it does say something positive about those who did manage to look past the /possible/ mediocrity of the game mechanics flaunted.

And to be honest, even if I did have any fears, just reading the feature list put me at ease. But that's the point, I'll actually take the time to dig for the facts! Which, as Jap88 mentioned, is something that your average gamer of today simply won't do. I genuinely feel that DoF is in very safe hands, and I'm seriously looking forward to helping with the beta and playing the end result! I just hope more people really do take it on board...
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