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Old 04-01-2008, 06:45 PM
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There is a lot of intellectual laziness among gamers, especially younger ones looking for a quick thrill. I saw comments along the lines of, "Everyone's going to be the dragon, dragons are powerful creatures and therefore imba". They don't even go so far as to consider that the dragon faction will most likely be implemented in some kind of a rational, balanced way. In their mind the developers' train of thought is something like this: "Omg, let's put in dragons, they r strong and bre4the fire, dragonz pwn everythin', ololololoololo..."

I don't mind the generic fantasy races as long as they're well done and DoF has great diversity from what I've seen so far. Better than having Zimblonians, Kraggarhs and Eskimos, "innovation" for its own sake with crappy concept and game play.

But, as I said, despite these negatives, the trailer seams to have had a positive outcome.
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