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Originally Posted by Griegor Mcvennor View Post
Please correct me if I am wrong and I hope I am, but the MMO portion of this game will allow combat between players but not the ability to take over another player's lands correct?

So my question is two fold

1: Say I want a particular piece of land because I like the way it's designed but it's owned by another player. Essentially your saying that I can not own that land or take it over ever until the other player quits the game?

2: What is to stop inactive players from hoarding all the better land spots and leaving them to rot in the game world with nothing to show for it?
No, you can't take over other people's lands. You do get substantial amount of resources should you succeed. But people's home region are instances, so they won't be there physically on the world map. Most likely they are a few random home region templates depending on which region you decide to settle, with perhaps a small variety in the amount of resources you can harvest there.

But i'm with you on this one about conquering other people. True it will be a ***** for new players, inexperienced all alone in the big, bad outdoors, but you should think about the possibilities here. For me, being able to take over other people's lands kind of sums up what would be most fun for me in endgame. This would actually create a really dynamic diplomacy in DoF. Say I were to conquer my neighbours, surely this will spook people into either allying or opposing your growing (guild)empire. You'll get players creating coalitions until finally, my economy can't support war on multiple fronts. My capitol gets taken, people get liberated, everyone happy except me .

It would create a more hectic endgame experience, where people ally themselves with other people, only to stab them in the back later and ultimately get forced back to square 1. I know this idea has several flaws, but it makes for entertaining gameplay. It's either that, or you'll get really big guilds who bully smaller guilds into submission by constant raiding their settlements, until finally you have huge guilds which eventually bogs down the game to a point it's pointless to play because you can't take over their strongholds and they can't take over yours. There will be no territory loss and it will result in a very long, very boring cold war.
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