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Default DoF Fanfic Directory

Hello everyone! We've started to get a lot of fanfiction floating around here, so I decided we needed a convenient place to collect it all. So here goes. If you have anything that you'd like changed (titles, etc.) or a fanfiction that you write that you'd like added, just post here or PM me and i'll change/add it! I'll try to keep abreast of the new fanfics, but I can't promise I won't miss one or two. Best to post a link here or PM me to be certain.

Dawn of Fantasy Fan-Fiction

-Sorted by race/faction-

Orc Stories

The Curse Breaka Clan – An Orc Tale

The Orc with Witt – A Dawn of Fantasy Tale

Grrrrr MADA!!

The Winter Romp – A CBC Story

CBC and the Great Boar Launcher!

Only the War

LTK’s Fanfic

Elf Stories

Aerlfredith Fanfiction

The Lord’s Tale

Uka Un

The Giant Sea Turtles


Human Stories

The Forbidden Fatherhood



The Chronicles of Arthas

The Emergence

Other or Unclear faction

The “Social” Structure of Dwarves

List of Lies

Haval the Father

War of the Lost Kings

Tale of the Tonger

Two and a Half Men
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