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Default MMORTS Showcase # 3

Bellow are shots from the character creation menu - region selection for the race of Orcs. This time we didn`t include economy stats - as we need to keep some things about Orcish economy hidden for now.

Orcs of the Flattan Rol - Makkada Swamps
Dark Makkada swamps stretch for miles on the border with Terria. Plentiful but dangerous lands. Great number of animals to hunt, moderate number of gold and stone mines.

Never short on food Flattan Rol players still enjoy moderate gold and wood income. Swamp Orcs are quite well-balanced in all regards and enjoy the ability of massing a great army fast, though their units are generally of the cheaper and weaker kind.

Orcs of the Riisental - Putlak Desert.

Pultak Desert is a remote region, free of life, trees or anything else but sand and gold, sand and gold.

Riisental players adjust their economy to be gold-dependant, and resort to cannibalism to sustain their food stockpile, large creatures such as Ogres become their livestock. With very limited access to ranged units, but great desert cavalry and fierce melee warriors - they are few, but strong! Cheaper upgrades, and equally bad with town building and laying siege, however, Riisental Orcs are elite force on the open-field.

Orcs of the Thikken Dal - Ral Nistro Forest.

Ral Nistro Forests are the deepest, darkest forests of Mythador. Obvious choice for Orcs who have use wood for all their buildings including walls.

Thikken Dal players enjoy the ability of building very large Orcish towns which is quite rare for Orcs. They rely on ranged units, great number of free goblins, and strong defenses. Great with sieges and can set up deadly ambushes on forest terrain, however lack unit power for an open field battle.