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Originally Posted by Alex Walz View Post
My bad, thanks for pointing that out. The unique halberdier formation is the Schiltron, not the Skirmish.

And with siege towers, it just goes back to our main goal of keeping gameplay at the highest priority. It will take a lot of arrows to shoot one down, but eventually they will be able to. Fire arrows, crossbolts, and heavy siege projectils certainly speed up the process.
Oooh, Schiltron - historical name. I like.
That's fair enough, otherwise it would be impossible to take down siege towers. I'd love to see a siege tower on fire rolling forward in a siege, only to crumble as the timbers snap right at the base wall. Once on fire, do siege towers/wooden siege units stay on fire? Smoking
I reckon one boulder from a trebuchet would knock it down though! That is - one boulder from either defenders or attackers. Can't be careless where you're aiming.
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