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Old 03-21-2008, 03:02 PM
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Interesting system, although I do notice that each of these is an economic edge. While I dislike "strong pikes" or "strong archer" subfactions which just facilitate players who try to overwhelm with one type of unit, I think more variety is required.

For instance, one potential option might be faster build speeds with a disadvantage of slightly weaker buildings (a good combination with an improved wood gathering trait). The obvious implications would be that your buildings would be easier to destroy, but also easier to replace once destroyed, giving a different feel and potentially a different strategy to that subfaction's base.

As I said, I'm deeply opposed to making any faction an "archer specialist" or "swordsman specialist" faction, as this just encourages players to dedicate to one unit type, something that should always be avoided. It's one thing to give a faction superior wood gathering to fuel high-wood cost units, but the bottom line is that those units won't be any superior to the other player's.