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Old 02-26-2011, 08:31 AM
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I'm most concerned with stronghold construction, pvp, and campaign & lore. I'm an RPer and lore buff, so that's always big on my list of concerns for reasons of interest and immersion.

Now, i'm also a big fan of strategy and strategy games that actually have strategy in them.. (many are more of a race than they are about strategizing - hence my usual preference for turn-based games). Thus, i've very interested in stronghold construction and exploration and how they tie into pvp, strategically.

I had been hoping that you could relocate strongholds to gain strategical advantages that way, but a mod told us that wasn't going to happen - so I look forward to seeing what purpose exploration does play; if any.

Likewise, construction has to be restricted to a degree - so I am eager to see what tactic advantages can be gleaned from a restricted system.
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