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I didn't know sheep can also produce gold that way. It's pretty neat.

On the other hand Men of The Rollingplain only have a decent gold bonus (and a lot of open space which seams to be a kind of a resource in itself) but many penalties and they also seam to be quite vulnerable to attack...maybe.

I may have noticed an irony. Those who are rich with important resources like the Southmount people are at the same time the most difficult to attack while those who are more vulnerable don't have that much that's worth stealing (not that they're poor or anything).

Also of the two factions who live in the "flat" regions one has more gold and some stone but is low on food and wood while the other is its economic opposite.

So I see a situation like this: Rollingplane and The Wold raid each other for resources they lack while the "highlanders" have a quieter time, sitting, building up and watching the other two pwn each other but so as not to be imba their severe food shortage make it hard for them to mount an offensive. Humans aren't the only race of course but I expect others will have similar resource differences.

Oh yeah, I too am curious about that "territory acquisition" and "questing" too. But I guess that's meant for another time.
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