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Old 02-24-2011, 11:25 PM
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Default Videos Section

I was looking at all the cool looking features of the game, and was thinking to myself "hey, i wonder what they meen by that". and another time i was wondering about gameplay videos.

Now i know for a fact that there is more then 1 video created for this game, but there is only 1 in th videos section. So i figured id suggest, say, a contest or something where people make videos of certain aspects of the game, such as combat or resource allocation, and send them in to get put on the site.

I personally think that a good gameplay video will get many more people than telling them they are able to play in a 3d environment. Many a time have i been lured to a game because of its video, but then disapointed because it was misleading. Well, in this case, its the opposite.

Dont get me wrong, the 2 videos i have seen are awesome in their own right, but i think more videos should be put up to help players get a better grasp of the game they are trying to look at.

Another thing for the videos tab, is the way we could pick them. When multiple videos are put up, i suggest you guys do something similar to the screenshots tab, with the preveiws at the bottom and then the veiwed one taking up most of the page.
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