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Bellow are shots from the character creation menu - region selection for the race of Men. I am including some stats about each region - however, I`ll only mention economic changes, and leave out all the variations in research, upgrades, unit and building prices and availability.

Men of The Southmount - Alpine Region.
Large amounts of forested areas, but half these areas are not accessible due to cliffs. Good number of gold - 8, and over the top stone mines - 16. Almost no open space on the map natural defences and choke points. No hunting opportunities. No farm land.
-Sheep fattening / generation rate + 50%
-Stone gathering rate + 35%
-Pig and Cow fattening / generation rate - 40%
-All Upgrades and Research - 35% cost

Southmont players have by far the best Strongholds. Abundance of stone mines allows creating best fortifications and fully upgrading them. Having to concentrate on sheep herding, and good access to gold mines, player is able to turtle-up, quest, research and prosper.

Men of The Rollingplain - Great Plains Region.

Almost no forest, plenty of gold mines 12, some stone mines 4. Lots of open space on the map, but limited hunting opportunities - 4 deer hordes.
-Gold Mining rate + 25%
-Wood Gathering rate 15%
-Cow, sheep, pig fattening / generation rate 35%
-Farming gathering Rate 20%

Having to turn towards gold-based economy Rollingplain players will user cavalry and infantry as the backbone of their army. Lack of ranged units will create some difficulty with sieges, but Rollingplain riders will top any cavalry of the world. Slow to build and expand the city, due to lack of wood, player will be easily able to raise a stone stronghold.

Men of The Wold - Grassland Region.

Lots of forested areas, some gold mines 4, and almost no stone mines 2. Some open space on the map, great hunting opportunities 12 deer hordes.
-Wood Gathering +30%
-Cow, sheep, pig fattening / generation rate + 35%
-Farming gathering Rate + 20%
-Hunting Rate + 40%
-Gold & Stone Mining rate - 25%

Wold players will rely on strong economy and ranged units. Easy to expand the city and raise palisade walls, lack of stone slows down castle building. However, great wood income and significant ranged combat bonuses, makes this player best with offensive siege warfare. However, grassland woods filled with mighty Wold archers and rangers will prove to be a great defensive combination as well.

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