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Old 03-19-2008, 09:39 AM
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I am sure all of us have went through countless character creation screens in the past. be it WoW, Everquest, maybe even BftME 2. Your online experience in DoF will start exactly the same way - with creating your character – in our case, your city.

After choosing your race, you`ll be free to select where on the world map you would like to start - choosing your visual surrounding and gameplay style with it. This might seem like a minor decision - would my city be in a desert or in a swamp? But reality is - you`ll be choosing one of 9 sub-races. Due to the nature of different regions your gameplay experience with the same race with greatly vary.

For example - if you play as Orcs of the Desert - with no wood and no food around, but great many gold deposits, and huge bonus to looting enemy corpses and buildings, and much cheaper cavalry - you’ll most likely play as aggressive horde, raiding green territories of the north to make due, using mostly cavalry and infantry - as these require gold to build.

Now - if you’ll play as Men of the Grassland - a green pasture land with rivers and forests, but almost no gold deposits - you`ll have great food gathering economy, with all the pasture and farming bonuses, but due to the lack of gold, you`ll be forced to use great many ranged units - which would both make you great at defending your stronghold, or laying siege to the enemy, but quite bad with the open field battles.

Now, lets start by looking at 3 human regions available to the player.