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Originally Posted by Dolas View Post
Everyone who plays this game is going to have to pay something, because unlike a lot of ftp mmos, we have to buy the box at a retail store. This is taken from the faq:

Q: How much will Dawn of Fantasy cost?
A: No specifics have been released, but the price will be comparable to that of other current PC RTS titles.

So we are already paying around $40-$50 for this already, and I know quite a few people who would love to buy this game, but if the micro-transactions suck then most of them wont even bother. Reverie will lose money from players who would buy the game because the micro-transactions give an advantage. Whats the point in buying a game when it is clearly unfair to play the main online mode without dishing out more money? Contrary to what you believe, everyone who buys this game is a paying customer because we did pay for the box. So the company should care how they do this microtransaction idea because if they do it poorly they WILL lose money. But honestly, if DoF sells really well, they don't even need to do micro transactions to make a profit, Guild Wars proves that.
Hm For some reason I missed that. In that case it doesn't really matter to me because I'm against pretty much any business model besides F2P + Item Mall + Paid Advantages. Pay to play sucks more, and retail sucks the most. I concede the point, I very much doubt that Reverie will get a penny out of me. Unless the beta dazzles me if I happen to get in, I very much doubt I'll pay for it.
There's no way like the P2W way.
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