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Originally Posted by darklegends8 View Post
The Rich being on top of the poor is how it is for a lot of games, and since they're still on the market, clearly it works.

Now for those of you who say that it will put off players who aren't willing to spend money, I ask you, why should they, the company, care? If you're not paying, what incentive do they have to serve you? They're a business, their objective is to make money.

The only reason they would have to serve the non paying player base is to maintain a good image to the public, and if they're getting enough revenue from the paying players, what difference does it make if they're despised?

If they want to rake in the money, it's not going to be with flashy banners or aesthetics, it's going to be paid advantages. Sure, maybe I'll pay for one or two aesthetics if that's what's available, but if a company really wanted my money, they'd go down the pay for advantage route.

Oh and for those of you who say one customer won't make a difference, I very much doubt I'm the only type of gamer who supports this and my nice stack of game cards totaling over 1000$ plus more spent on credit cards begs to differ.
Everyone who plays this game is going to have to pay something, because unlike a lot of ftp mmos, we have to buy the box at a retail store. This is taken from the faq:

Q: How much will Dawn of Fantasy cost?
A: No specifics have been released, but the price will be comparable to that of other current PC RTS titles.

So we are already paying around $40-$50 for this already, and I know quite a few people who would love to buy this game, but if the micro-transactions suck then most of them wont even bother. Reverie will lose money from players who would buy the game because the micro-transactions give an advantage. Whats the point in buying a game when it is clearly unfair to play the main online mode without dishing out more money? Contrary to what you believe, everyone who buys this game is a paying customer because we did pay for the box. So the company should care how they do this microtransaction idea because if they do it poorly they WILL lose money. But honestly, if DoF sells really well, they don't even need to do micro transactions to make a profit, Guild Wars proves that.

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