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Originally Posted by Wesso View Post
Why would a person make a thread about paying for the game after the original purchase? Do you actually want to pay for something every month?

Im also wondering why transactions are needed after the initial purchase, im pretty sure wow is making massive profits off its monthly fee, if i was ever to play wow i would expect new content every month, cos im paying every month. Warcraft 3 and starcraft 2 dont have monthly fees, why dont they and why does wow? and more importantly why does dawn of fantasy need these payments?
Because I realize the very real possibility of them charging microtrans and I would rather us recommend things we wouldn't mind paying for, rather than them coming up with them without our suggestions. That's why. Why would you bother posting something that is off-topic and completely against what I asked you not to post in the beginning of the topic?

Guibaz: exclusive access to new areas could be cool.. though I would prefer it if these were smaller areas that didn't really have any benefit over the others. Perhaps giving you instant access to a single area where all those who pay for access to it can fight over stuff in a concentrated area. (So the benefit is having ready, intense action - rather than better resources or anything like that.)
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