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Originally Posted by arthas242 View Post
yeah and did you noticed all those F2P one's that u get buffs for paying more a chinese made and great failure MMO's?

look at wow, lotr, war, AoC, starwars G. These are one of the best mmo's out there and none of them sell item's to make you more powerful or buffs.

Now they do have server/race/faction changes, but those are not game play changing mechanic's.

even most of the unpopulated one's don't sell buff's for cash like Dark Fall, and so on....

Also Lotr's is FTP and they are making more money just selling game content and service's then they were before whcih i am fine with, but selling in game buffs will quickly destroy a game
Actually Korean made, most mmos these days come from Korea. Can you learn to use better grammar? Reading your sentences is really hurtful to my eyes. Let's take a look at some F2P games that do give an advantage to paying customers and are successful:
Maple Story, Ace Online, Vindictus, Soldier Front, Combat Arms, Fiesta, Navy Field and there's plenty of others.

I'd go to mmosite and copy down all of the ones that give paying players an advantage, but I think you know how to read. Also, a lot of the games you listed are either P2P like WoW, or CD games that require you to buy it, like Starcraft II, which costs 60$, and quite frankly, I'm not going to pay 60$ to play Dawn of Fantasy.

So if you want Dawn of Fantasy to be free, it should give an advantage to paying customers, or chances are, it's not going to last too long on this market.
There's no way like the P2W way.
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