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Old 02-19-2011, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Tolbby View Post
NO. Any game that gives a slight bonus to those who pay VS those who want to spend some extra free time is completely unbalanced. Even the slight 5% movement increasement is huge, cause something normal taking only a day would then take roughly over 22 hours. That 2 ohur difference could mean the absolute difference between success and defeat, giving P2P a clear unfair advantage.

YES. There could be those extra unimportant features that are an added bonus for paying with money. League of Legends is Free to Play, and they're very successful even though the things to spend the money on are only skins to change the look of characters. They pretty much do absolutely nothing, but it's awesome to have a different looking character compared to everyone else.
You've listed one game that does okay without offering an advantage to non paying players. Most other F2P games offer some kind of advantage to paying customers. As a company striving to succeed, which path do you think they would want to take to survive in the competitive MMO business?
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