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Old 02-19-2011, 04:46 PM
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You posted saying that my entire post was a 'horrible idea' based on a single portion of the post. That, arthas, is what doesn't make sense. Ofcourse, with more effort with a spell checker, your post would be easier to read and understand. I agree with you, however, that most people will not like the idea of any sort of statistical buff, regardless of how frivolous it is.

I, however, believe that there are methods for doing such that it is practical and yet does not change the balance of the game. For instance - moving speed of an army. It could be enhanced in a way that is convenient, but which does not add any real advantage to the army. (For instance, say it takes 10 minutes for your army to march from your castle to an enemy castle. Some people might be willing to pay for a buff that would reduce that to 8.5 minutes [because they are impatient]. Now, that extra 1.5 minutes isn't likely to change your fate in the battle.)

I will add, however, that any buffs which are available through a market should certainly be available in some manner in the game. For instance, perhaps as a spell or rarer item find.
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