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Originally Posted by NobleIre View Post
Banner symbols: I wouldn't mind them charging for some particularly awesome banner icons to customize our banners with.

Small, long-term buffs: By this, I mean paying to include a buff that isn't very significant.. but lasts for a long time. (Say a month). This could be like a 1% increase to loot, or a 5% faster troop recruitment time, 10% faster army march speed, etc. Basically, something that is designed to be pleasant, but not enough to give someone a significant advantage. The appeal would be in that these buffs last a long time - thus the 'cumulative' benefit is still significant.
U are talking about buying banners that give buffs with Cash, thats basically saying the more you pay the stronger you are

SOOOOO..... where's the flaw in my logic?

because seriously i will be let down by any game that did this regardless how big the buff is, you should never be stronger because you paid more $$$$. you should be good because u have built up stuff and played the game.

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