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Old 02-19-2011, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by arthas242 View Post
horriable idea, basically you are saying people who pay $$$$ should be stronger

and not real point in special unit designs when they are already in as upgrades
Thank you for actually reading my post and bothering to heed my request. (sarcasm) Also - it's Horrible*

In general, I agree with you Dracus. Microtransactions should generally not provide any sort of tactic (and definitely not substantial) advantage. They should general be for aesthetic or convenience purposes.

I do, however, believe in items of convenience. (for instance, a purchase that allows you to insta-move your base to another location without in-game cost). It wouldn't make you powerful, it is just a matter of convenience.

Any other ideas for things that could be included and charged for? I'm not necessarily saying that they will or even should have microtransactions - i'm just trying to come up with some ideas that are generally 'acceptable' for them, in case they do.
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