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Originally Posted by Alexander Flegler View Post
And those Trees of War actually act as siege towers
Only siege towers? Or maybe they can serve as a battering ram or shock troops too eh?

As for my guesses on units:
Human Swordsman Unit-Basic Infantry (?)
Human Halbedier-Anti-calvary (?)
Human Crossbowman-Advanced Missile (?)
Human Archer-Basic Missile (?)
Human Knight-Heavy Calvary(?)
Human Peasant-Gatherer/Builder
Human Macemen-Anti-infantry (?)
Human Thane-Offensive Unit
Human Mor-Spellcaster
Erian-Human Prince, avalible only in campaign, black longsword

Elven Ranger-Elite Missile (?)
Unicorn-Elven Mount
High Elf Defender-Dual-wielding, offensive unit
Ballista-Long ranged siege machine, requires crew
Tree of War-battering ram and mobile tower
Ladder Plant-grows in front of wall
Catapult Tree-Can also charge units
High Elf Sentry-Double bladed staff and shield
Elven Sorceror-Spellcaster

Orc Spearmen-Anti-Calvary (?)
Orc Warrior-Basic Infantry (?) cool Spiked Shields
Orc Worker-Gatherer/Builder
Orc Archer-Basic Missile (?)
Ogre-Damage dealer and tank (?), may throw rocks(?), good against buildings, spiked arm-guard and club
Goblin Warrior-Skirmeshers and fodder (?)
Goblin Archer-Skirmeshers and fodder (?)
Orc Warlord-Offenseive Unit
Orc Shaman-Spellcaster (?)
Wolf-beast-Orc Mount (?)

Dragon-Fire-breathing unit, can jump over walls
Armored Lancer Calvary-Heavy Calvary (?)
Swordsmen Unit- Basic Infantry (?), Cool Black Armor
Half-Orcs-Skirmeshers and fodder(?)
Fire Drakes-Drakes that breath fire (?)
Drake Slave-Gatherer/Builder
Drake Warrior-Elite Infantry (?)
Leviathan-Naval Unit (?)
Royal Dragon-Commander unit (?), uber spellcaster (?)

Those are what i got from the Screenshots and Concept art but like all things they are subject to change. Some of the named ones have been said by the develpors so i assume they will be in game. The ones with the (?) behind them are the ones i just completely guessed on.

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