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Originally Posted by swedishviking View Post
The benefit would have to outweigh frivolous...Something that reflects power and provides a useless bonus would useless in itself. If the system were to be more beneficial to the most powerful over everyone else in the region then you may see hegemonic alliances....those that ally with powerful and those that ally against the powerful. In essence, the hegemonic system is encouraged and and created with this system you propose contingent on whether the bonus is worth it or not
It depends on the benefit. There are some people for whom a 'status' symbol is worth a good deal. Specially when they have grown really strong and may not have much else to fight for/over. Additionally, any benefit given because of the status would be not so much to put that player over the others - but to help compensate for being a target. To allow them to regenerate their forces more quickly between attacks, etc. In essence, it would 1. give them a status symbol, 2. potentially put them on a 'leaderboard', 3. provide them with tons of action and 4. provide them with an increased means to keep up with that more frequent combat.
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