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Old 02-10-2011, 11:58 PM
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You must also remember that not everyone wants to play for a 4 hour game.... not everyone, not many at all can do that period.

So a siege battle needs to be between 10-60 minutes at most, otherwise not everyone can or wants a battle to last that long; so we do need to keep a pace up.

I'm sure really good players will learn to invade the walls in mere minutes once they set up their tactic.
Get a battering ram on your north end with 50% of your army, while a few minutes ago the remaining 50% of archers and a few siege ladders go around on the south side,,, ooo your entire armies sitting at the north end defending your gate as I climb your walls on your south side and set up all my archers on your own walls to aid my army coming through your front north gate! What good is a Swordsmans' shields if they got Halberdiers hitting him infront and arrows flying at him from behind! Along with a speedy army of Macemen all over your walls whacking the crap out of any archers and siege equipment you had!

I love doing this that tactic on Thorndale, they don't know what hit them.
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