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Originally Posted by Warchamp84 View Post
Somebody had already posted this idea before but, ill try to explain in detail.

Another type of siege technique that can be used is the digging under the enemy walls either and plant explosives under them to collapse them or tunnel right under them to get into the city. Now of course this type of attack would only be available to infantry due to the tunneling.

For the defensive side there are many methods of counter attacking this sort of attack. Firstly the defender could have upgrades built in his city such as strategically placing a boundary of heavy rocks around the wall in the ground potentially slowing down the digging process of the enemy.

Secondly the defender could have other upgrade such as ditches(MOATS) around the castle walls, stopping the defender from bringing in siege ladders and towers and even stopping the tunneling attack. Making the attack have to use other siege equipment to attack the walls.
I'm not sure that is the MOATS are implemented in the game but it would be a good idea.
I believe Stronghold 1 did a good job of implementing tunneling in siege warfare. Basically the tunneler builds a tunnel entrance and enters down the hole moving towards the wall. However, if the tunnel entrance is destroyed by enemy troops the tunnel will collapse and the tunneler will die. It was able to be abused a little bit in Stronghold 1 because there wasn't a range on how far the tunneler could travel (I could be wrong its been a while since I played stronghold). So if the tunneler had to dig his entrance like within 50 feet of the wall I don't see why this sort of thing wont work in DoF.

For example: the person laying the siege would set up a tunnel entrance 50 feet from the wall and the tunneler would start digging towards the defenders wall. However the defender sends out some cavalry that ride right up to the tunnel entrance and destroys the tunnel before the digger gets to the wall thus saving the wall from being destroyed.

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