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Old 02-09-2011, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by NobleIre View Post
I imagine that you will suffer the same 'loss' as if you had disconnected intentionally. There is likely no way for the devs to tell the difference, and it would be unfair for the attacker if you were to disconnect either way in the midst of battle and they get nothing for their effort and potential losses.

However: Perhaps there could be a 'waiting' feature. Basically a sort of 'pause' that would enact in the battle when someone disconnects and which gives them a preset amount of time to reconnect. Say - 5 minutes. They get disconnected and have five minutes to reconnect and resume the battle - if they fail to do so then it is a 'loss' just as if they had declined the fight to begin with.
5 minutes is ridiculous, waiting that long just to continue an attack is dumb. what do i do in the mean time, stare at a paused screen for 5 minutes.....and if they allow you to "minimize" the battle and go work on your city, do i get forcefully pulled back to the battle if they long on again or is it possible to forget the battle and i suddenly lose....does an AI take over

1 minute is my vote