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Originally Posted by Wizaerd View Post
Infinitely better is purely a subjective opinion, if anyone actually made their RTS available on a console correctly (not like halo wars... ugh), it could be infinitely better on a console. All things are possible where technology is concerned...

Altho truth be told, I'd rather it were on PS3 as opposed to XBox... No that it matters since it wont be on either...
Actually, I don't think it is entirely opinion-based. A PC format allows for keyboard commands, hotkeys, accurate mouse clicking and drag-selection - all of which make selection and commanding troops (in real time) faster and more convenient. There is no means, aside from requiring people to buy more peripherals for their console (and even then, it's still debatable), that the limited input abilities of the console can match the ease, configurable convenience, and exactness of computer control methods.

Now, if someone were to go out and acquire additional peripherals then it becomes possible to reach levels closer to what a keyboard and mouse can do, but even then - further complications arise. There is a reason that the vast majority of RTS games are for PC, not console. I see no circumstance wherein a console version could even be as good (control wise), much less 'infinitely better' than a PC version.
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