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Originally Posted by swedishviking View Post
From a historic standpoint, they wouldn't cover up the individual flags with a single flag because it allowed them to know who was doing what and where....That would eventually change centuries later, but what they could do is what was mentioned by Triggerhappy except with a slight modification, make the personal flag vertical so it hangs on the pole and guild flags thinner and horizontal so it waves sideways in the wind. sort of like banners that hang from windows and banners that flow in the wind on the roof....just combine them.
I was kindof thinking along those lines, except having the guild (vertical) banner just be across the pole, centered on it. Kindof like some ancient roman banners, etc. (though the cross section wouldn't necessarily be another flag in those circumstances.) So basically, a big vertical flag and then a small thin flag - perhaps requiring guild banners to be more simple.
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