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Originally Posted by Griegor Mcvennor View Post
Lets not forget this particular issue.

F2P has several major effects on games.

1. People have a habit of making multiple accounts for the purpose of gaining an advantage over their fellow players. This happens no matter how many characters they have to level up to gain said advantage.

2. The maturity level goes through the basement. You end up with tons of people who fit the following a catagories.
a. Sociopathic individuals who do everything they can to disrupt the play experience and are not held back due to having a minimal financial investment in their character.
b. Young kids and children who tend to lower the intelligence level as well as the over all flavor of the game in terms of role playing. Typically the free to play kids are the "Leet speak" types who tend to ruin the atmosphere in any sort of public chat.
c. Fly by night players who join random clans and either leave again shortly after or serve as a disruption causing as much damage as they can before they quit or are booted. Normally not an issue but in F2P they become more common and it becomes very difficult to maintain a community because people have less of an incentive to log in every night if they are again investing nothing into the game financially.

3. Cross nation cheating becomes a problem due to the multiple account thing. Player's log in on opposite races, alliances, nations, what have you and feed strategic information about thier enemy from an account that is logged in and friendly to that enemy.

These things don't generally impact F2P games that lack major pvp but in a game like this where you have somthing to gain or lose, F2P generally causes endless cheating and meta gaming.
Based on what I've read in the faq, I don't think "spying" will be an issue because of how pvp works here.
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