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Originally Posted by TriggerHappyNDB View Post
What we've been told so far is that when a player initiates an attack against you, you have two options:
  1. Accept the challenge and bunker down in your fortress, ready to fend off the attacker's advance, or
  2. Refuse the challenge and pay a resource tribute to your attacker. The amount of the tribute will depend on your level in relation to your attacker: The more challenging the opponent, the lower the tribute required to deny their challenge, and vice-versa.
Logging out with the challenge dialog on the screen would probably start a countdown timer to automatic refusal. If you log back in quickly enough (in the case of say, a disconnection), you may still have time to accept the challenge. If you do not, you will automatically decline and pay tribute to the attacker once it reaches zero.
What if you don't have enough resources to pay?