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Originally Posted by Merku View Post
That answered the first question actually - but the 2nd needs a bit more refinement. Does this mode only encompass the MMO portion of the game? Is there LAN support for this (or really any sort of quickmatch type deal without the long-term commitment of the MMO component per match) mode?

Finally, is there a skirmish multiplayer mode? I don't recall seeing that in the FAQ. Watch, I'll hit post and then I'll stumble across the answer somewhere.

Yes there is a skirmish multiplayer mode up to 4 players atm. Maybe in the future 6

And sorry about that the answer of the second question.
The campaign i mentioned is for the singleplayer and not the MMO portion.Also i am not sure if the champaign can be played in multiplayer mode, I dont think so but a dev may need to answer that to be sure.

hope that give you some answers