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Old 02-07-2011, 12:32 PM
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Lightbulb On Skirmish mode

TLDR at bottom.
First off, hey all - figured after reading through the posts and following DoF's development for the past couple of years I might as well pop in and start posting.

A lot of attention has been paid to the MMO function and the campaign, but I'd like to know a bit more about the skirmish mode. From what I've been able to get, the MMO side of things is understandably epic in scale and everything will certainly take its time. How is the scaling for skirmish being handled? 30 min-2 hour matches depending upon opponent numbers? If a dev could reply it'd be great.

And for my 2 cents... if it could be done, scaleable 'skirmish' along the lines of that MMO version but able to host (and then save, load, etc.) on a lan would seem ideal to add to the game. The scaleable elements could be time to build, time to train units, travel times, etc. The closest thing I can think of regarding the mode I'm describing here would be a real-time version of BfME 2's war of the ring mode - just... a bit more robust. Definable areas for play, number of human players, AI, etc. A sort of sandbox, I guess.

Why? I figure it would enable some of the more casual players to learn the ropes and get more comfortable with their friends via this means before going on to the MMO portion where competition is stiffer.
How long do skirmish mode games last?
Will there be a mini-LAN-based campaign?
There should be ^.