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Originally Posted by Dracus View Post
I'd like to say that it indeed all comes down to time with the management of projects of this magnitude, and with this said I'd like to ask if DLC would ever be available through the influence resource that I have seen posted by some people. I have always had the idea of having content be gained through ingame achievements or ingame feats as an option to money. With this mindset lets say you are a casual and simply want to catch up or get something cool then you can simply pay. After all some people rather work and get payed then achieve something in a videogame. At anyrate its just an idea I've had for a while.
It has been posted offically elshwere but yes there are plans, will it be a firm yes, time will tell again we are working on it as you know, we will have more definites as it gets closer to launch. Alex posted allot of good info on the Fantasy Friday threads, take a look at them closly.
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