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Originally Posted by Noel Bohac View Post
Again can not truly fully comment on this because of a,b,c

As said before and elsewhere, we look at your guys ideas all the time (why wouldn't we?) a good Dev team will always be open for concepts, ideas and implementations there is if it makes sense and is something that would enhance game play. It as you know, comes down to time left etc, however we really want to expand this game beyond launch so hopefully that will come to past. If so, there is sooo much that could be done to enhance this game. Again why I joined the team

Thnx for the kudos BTW you guys, I know I can speak for many of the team members here at Reverie that you get the passion and know that makes a huge difference in a title. Might be our first title, but it's going to be one heck of title to launch the long career of Reverie, I have no doubts about it.


edit: note, I am a gamer and don't want nickle and diming going on (IE DLC) , but to me dlc can be done other ways , money transactions, credit in game ( do something epic make points) etc etc, plus dlc keeps a development team going. I see things like flags etc, a very very small dlc, now maps, quests etc, ok that took allot of time and would have a bit more cost to it. So again guys, gamer like you, I don't personally mind dlc, I did all the dlc for dragon age btw and I thought almost all of it was worth it at one point. Some yeah, a bit much , but in the end it was great to get more game. So for me, I am happy we are just having people buy the game and play the MMO version with no cost etc, DLC will just enhance if we go that rout is what I am saying , again PLEASE don't read into something here, this is a gamer perspective not an offical one thnx!
I'd like to say that it indeed all comes down to time with the management of projects of this magnitude, and with this said I'd like to ask if DLC would ever be available through the influence resource that I have seen posted by some people. I have always had the idea of having content be gained through ingame achievements or ingame feats as an option to money. With this mindset lets say you are a casual and simply want to catch up or get something cool then you can simply pay. After all some people rather work and get payed then achieve something in a videogame. At anyrate its just an idea I've had for a while.