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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
There is a large group of players out there who would rather do something else than wait to kill 99 wild boars

And in Dawn of Fantasy - we give you the option to do "something else" outside of waiting for a certain event (building, resources e.t.c) - you can even log of and switch off your computer.
However - we know another group of players - loves to play continuously, and we tried to make everyone happy - Dawn of Fantasy does offer a lot of side activities. For example - even in the really early game, while waiting for your peasants to gather or a certain building to go up, you can:
-Perform one of many dozens of quests and progress with the storyline
-Send army to fight Player Vs Environment in the nearby territory
-Send army to fight a PvP
-Send goods/livestock e.t.c for sale to one of NPC towns
-Explore NPC towns
-Chat with other players, try to make it into a guild
And so on and so on...
These tasks seem enough to fill the time of every players to me...
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