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Old 02-05-2011, 05:45 PM
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IMO, a good idea would be to have a trigger system you could use to tell your troops what to do if you aren't onlilne to tell them, for example

x = gate
0 = archer group 1 (on a gate)
s = swordsmen group 1
- = wall
` = empty space (otherwise the s for the swordsmen group left aligns ^^)



Okay, the example triggers could be:

When the front gate is destroyed, archer group 1 retreat to the last gate and swordsmen group 1 charge forward to delay the attackers. After 20 seconds of fighting (if the swordsmen last that long) they retreat back through the gate and wait for another trigger.

This way being attacked while you are offline (should) carry a much lesser risk of death by your AI ignoring a gaping hole in your defences.

Still, just an idea and I hope it helps in some way.
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