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I personally believe terrain, while not affect stealth that much, or at all for that matter, but will probably (not necessarily) affect combat in someway. While this may not necessarily be the case for the game itself, it would make more sense to say that if a unit cross water, it would obviously take more damage than that in a thick brush, jungle. Or if a unit is going up hill, it may go slower. Reverie may also implement different factors of cover. (This is just an educated guess, and may not be implemented what so ever).

No Cover: In open fields and plains/deserts/anything with no form of cover, unit would take normal damage.
Light Cover: In/around wooden buildings and fortifications/lightly covered terrain (ie trees/forests). Units would gain lets say a 10% bonus reduction to damage intake.
Heavy Cover: In/around stone buildings and fortifications/heavily covered terrain (ie heavily covered jungles. Units would gain lets say a 25% bonus reduction to damage intake, and if they are in friendly territory, would go invisible after a certain amount of time. A solid format of flanking enemy units.
Uphill: Slower movement, units at top of the hill increase there damage to units at the bottom.
Downhill: Faster movement, units at the bottom of the hill take more damage than normal to units at the top of the hill
Water Covered Areas: Units crossing water covered areas take more damage than normal as well as a reduced movement penalty.

Just a few ideas of how terrain could be utilized to change the outcome of any battle, thus making players think more deeply about strategies, rather than the usual rushing. Please tell me what others think.
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