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Old 02-09-2008, 03:04 AM
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Ex-T! It's me Agamemnon, you know, the reknowed AoK modder and former member of SCN Punk at least for a short time. Good to see you around this place again. A few months back, I posted in the Introductions forum asking about you and other members of the old AoKH-based scenario design community knowing that this game design group was founded by AoKH scenario design forummers.

Anyway I was asking about you because I wanted to show you a rather extensive modding project I've been working on recently since I returned to modding back in September. Actually it's more than a mod, it's an actual expansion. Yes, it is now possible to mod not just graphics for AoK, but it is possible to mod stats and even ADD stuff to the game as well, like units, buildings, and Gaia objects.

So this expansion is mainly scenario-design-oriented and it adds all sorts of stuff to the game; new units, heroes, Gaia objects, and buildings, of mainly historical and fantasy themes. It even revives lost units and structures from the beta and alpha versions of AoK. So therefore it is now possible to have dragons and wizards and many classic elements of fantasy in one's scenarios.

By the way, your game is looking rather phenomenal!