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Old 02-04-2011, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by TriggerHappyNDB View Post
Those are some fantastic additions to hear about. I really hope I'm one of the lucky new testers--the chance to make this game even better than it already looks is one challenge I would love to take on!
I'd have to agree with pretty much everything Trigger said, nice additions and the stuff yet to be added seems interesting as well.

On a side, slightly related, note, what makes me slightly agitated is people who preview a game in the beta stage as the final release w/o giving feedback; giving it a bad rep and trash talking it (aka trolls), knowing that (1)it's not the final product and (2)the beta is there so we can help identify and fix those errors.

That aside, from what I have experienced on these boards has me surprised. There do not seem to be many trollish type people who would do any of the above. I think it's because this game caters to a group of people other then the mainstream crowd(FPS/RPG players). And so the people you get here are those truly intent on seeing this game flourish.

G'luck to those hoping to get in and to those who have gotten the email already before the db issues.
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