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Old 02-08-2008, 02:56 PM
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I agree with your siege mechanics. It should definitely be more than planting a bunch of catapults in firing range of the enemy base. I love that siege towers/ladders and storming the castle will finally play key importance to taking a castle.

However, I do have one concern. In the event that a player's castle is completely cut off, and their resources are severely impacted, the game may already be over, even though a major siege battle has yet to be fought. These last stands can be some of the most challenging and fun battles, but unfortunately they can be depressing and anti-climatic, since no matter how well or how badly either player performs (within reason), the end result cannot be changed. The player with full map control just has too much of a resource advantage. Any victory for the defender will be made moot because the attacker has such a resource infrastructure as to replace his army virtually immediately, and the defender doesn't have enough infrastructure to capitalize on a victory.

This is really a variant of the "steamroller" or "slippery slope" that is so common in RTS; once a player starts winning, the momentum of their past victories really carries them through to the final victory, even though it's not actually over yet. I think there's a balancing act that few games have even attempted to tackle here; trying to make comebacks viable and possible without taking it too far (think Mario-Cart, where being in first place is like having a kick-me sign on your back. That's a game which has taken comebacks too far, although it's certainly still fun)