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Old 02-08-2008, 02:17 PM
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One thing I didnít like about Total War sieges - their Strongholds were too plain - just a wall, and couple of towers there. And it always came down to assaulting the same part of a wall battle after battle. We hope to keep the same gameplay and epic feeling but add more complexity, for example - I am attaching two screenshot of Human Strongholds. Approach to defense, and assault on these two Strongholds is completely different.

In Dawn of Fantasy simple strategy of building 20 rams, and task them on the gate; or getting whole bunch of Trebuchets to bombard the walls won`t get you very far. We are keeping defenses over-powered in range, while giving assaulting units quite a good bonus assaulting enemy walls.
So the working Strategy is:
-using siege towers and ladders to assault the walls, no way around this. Otherwise defenders will just build all archers and hold the walls.
-Use blockading tactics - as defenders will have limited resources in-come.
-Use heavy armored infantry to shield your archers/trebuchets against defenders ranged attacks
-Take out enemy archers in the towers using infantry - as archers are mostly useless against infantry units on the walls
-Use ranged siege to take out defenderís ranged siege, archers and infantry on walls (instead of attacking the walls)
-Use rams, with the cover of heavy infantry, and archers.

I think if this discussion keeps on going Iíll have to post another screenshot of the siege weapons and explain how things work.

Itching to release that video - I wish I could *sigh*
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