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Originally Posted by lamaking65 View Post
hmm well its a siege so i would think thats up to the attacker and whether or not he has enough troops or supplies and even if its worth attacking anymore so it could possible be hrs my question is thou since this is a mmo and attacks can and mostly likely will happen when ur away do ur troops defend themselves in the siege like act like an npc or do we give them instructions on wat to do when attack????>.<
If you have a good setup in the location , your in good hands if you happen not to be there. The AI does a very ample job and is getting better daily with each and every new build in house. So when you are not there, you are in good hands not to worry, but as an attacker you will also have to fight that same AI, so it is up to the player to lay out the defense that he/she leaves in the region. But to another point...

There are many features about the "away" status of a player that are constantly being addressed and as you have undoubtedly heard in other games from other Dev's, things can change so telling you something now (the reason we sadly don't respond to so many great questions ATM) is it might change on our next internal build. We want the best game we can deliver and every smallest detail is being hammered on over and over and over to make it perfect. Even after launch undoubtedly things will be added and adjusted.

When we are finally ready to open the doors (so to speak) I think you will be pleasantly surprised indeed. I am for one excited to see your guys reactions and I know they will be very positive. I hate replying sometimes because I don't want everyone to get their hopes up so high that if something doesn't make it in at launch, it would be a huge disappointment.

I know how that is, been there done that plenty. But you know, this game is worth getting excited over, heck I bash away at the same repetitive activities over and over and it gets very daunting indeed. But in the end, I believe in the game, the team, the community and all together that keeps my drive going , the team going and the knowing that what we got is just plain freaking awesome

The gaming world needs a solid game like this. As a strat player for years and years, I have always dreamed of the day where we as players would have a consistent world to fight in and conquer, explore, quest, economical complexity and so much more that how can I not be excited! I am 43 now and feel like I am 20 at times!

All I can say here is "Gaming goodness ahead!"

Thou again these are "my personal opinions" and in no way reflect those to Reverie World Studios, 505 games or any subsidiarity there in. (always got to throw that in there! Can't make those number crunchers angry!)
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