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Old 02-03-2011, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by master0p View Post
@ Noel Bohac.

That is exactly the reason why this game is going to be succesfull .
The experience and passion that your dev team have is just amazing.
When i read how much passion you have after 20 years.. its just amazing.

I feel the same i grow up with Dos games when i was small and i could even type some dos codes to install and start a game up when i was like 5-6 years young.
And to see a grand work of art like this coming out after all these years gaming!

Just one word "fantastic" to see people have the same passion.

About banners , I prefer preset symbols which you can blend in as well with other symbols.
Ofcourse you can pick the background color and colors of the lines/symbols.
Forming a guild/alliance would be nice to see the different people acting like some sort of vassel of the guild/alliance by having each theyre own banner.
Everyone still wanna be unique right so having your own banner is kinda a must!

Yes that would be a good way of limiting all the obscene banners that could be made in photoshop and would be made. I think that would actually be the best way to do it kind of like Black Ops.