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Old 02-02-2011, 06:06 AM
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They could always have restrictions and presets, where you cant put any offensive crap in them, apart that would custom banner be visible, how offten player would look at them, would old player care about my banner, or new guy care about my banner instead ofthat huge force face rolling his army,
probably not..banners on it self should be rly huge to be visible, i remmeber back in warhammer, they promised us 534953490534 ways to customize your character with trophies.
what end result was like 2-3 spots on shoulders, for trophies you couldnt even see yourself unless you zoom in, i wont mention guy 5 yards from me, or that guy 30yards from me whos considering to stomp my face in.. so in reality those features are hard to implement and not always worth time over other things