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Originally Posted by Noel Bohac View Post
I can't directly comment on this topic for obvious reasons but I agree... is that enough? lol... so lets just say my vote is there I can say this much however,... the team here is comprised of allot of RTS and strat players. All of which at one point or another have had the same view points as most of you. In a game like this in a persistent world, it would make sense then to have such a feature wouldn't it? Yeah, I know.. it's not that definite yes or no answer you are looking for, but I am trying to put across that there are a TON of features we want to see in the game. Will they all make it at launch? All depends on what we can fit in.

This is why Konstantin our fearless leader (well, ok maybe not all fearless hehe) has mentioned so many good things about adding features and expanding on the game after launch. It comes down to (as many of us gamers know) on if the numbers are there sales/population etc, like any great game, then more will follow.

I wanted to chime in here, for as a gamer like many of you, I have been gaming and coding for 20+ years now(yes that makes me allot older :P ), since the DOS days. So allot of us on the team really have the same aspects, desires and wants you would want to see in a title like this.

Just today we went threw some in house testing and came up with a major solution to a fix that was determined on the "tactics" factor and what you the player (and we as players ) would expect this particular issue to be. It was solved and decided after good debate and discussion with testing we got the perfect fix.

Some of you may also like to know that many of us are mappers, modders as well. I mention this because if you are an RTS fan and enjoyed many titles in the past, I can GUARANTY you , that you played one I made or one someone on the team made. It amazed me after joining the team to meet so many people that well; we should have met a long time ago. As we talk about other things and found that many mod and map we did in the same game's and didn't even knowing it. I find it just thrilling to have such great talent pool here.

I personally look forward to the years that come from this title and others as well. I am glad so many are starting to spread the word and be as excited as many of us have been for a long while. This is that game many of us always dreamed of. Being able to part of a persistent world and clash with friend and foe, make alliances and bash some heads Fun years ahead for sure!

Ops! I went on rant didn't I? Oh well, hopefully this information was informative, someday after the chaos of launch is out of the way, we can talk mod shop
I have been gaming for many years and never been a fan boy to a particular game and I can tell you this. Rants like this are what I consider a huge factor in good game designers. This shows passion I have seen in many game designers in great titles. To be honest I really hope this game gets steered in the right direction.