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Old 02-01-2011, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Alex Walz View Post
If this is your attitude, we'd have to ask that you don't sign up for the beta. A beta is not a demo. We are not looking for players, we are looking for testers.
That is true however, I was simply further hinting at my annoyance of the lie(saying it is open) and it being closed beta...
Originally Posted by Alex Walz View Post
As such, the game is still unpolished and the whole reason we have a beta testing period is to get new players to tell us their thoughts and report bugs. No one should sign up for a beta expecting it to be polished or a realistic representation of the finished product.
This is a faulty statement entirely.
I have seen many early alpha games that played flawless and I would honestly have paid for.
Beta Especially OPEN really means you have a slim chance of finding bugs but if you do take notes and try to repeat it at least once on video for future developer viewing.

EDIT: Anyhow I have no desire to test for liars as liars will likely be thief's...

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